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Research Library @NHM

22 May

I took a quick picture yesterday of the research library at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, where I’m currently volunteering.


My supervisor made a nice little reading room area at the front of the library, but there are still tons of books in boxes like the ones in the back corner of the picture…

Los Angeles Central Library

13 Jan

(Going on a cruise for MLK weekend, so moderated comments won’t show up until Monday!)

Yesterday, I went with the seniors’ group at my church to visit the L.A. Central Library.


Since I only work in the afternoons, I can usually join them for the field trips they take in the mornings. I wasn’t planning on going to so many, but I love field trips! They’ve kind of adopted me as their mascot…

The last time I went to the central library was when I was in sixth grade researching patents for a project called Invent America. I think they had just reopened with the new Tom Bradley wing then, but I don’t remember much from that trip.

We didn’t have much time to browse yesterday, so I definitely want to go back and look around some more. I just have to remember to go on a weekend or stay for less than three hours. Parking was about $25 yesterday because they start charging every 10 minutes after three hours!