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[A to Z] A-to-Z Plans

21 Mar

I started off last semester with the ambition to choose books for my tween materials class that started with every letter of the alphabet to review so that I could use them for A-to-Z, but I gave up on that pretty quickly. Still, I managed to cover all the letters except Q, X, Y, and Z, including some letters that I usually have trouble with like J, K, and V (hint: I’ve got some nonfiction and other media mixed in this year, and it’s much easier to get these letters in names :P).

Also, I have some real-life friends from my local Nanowrimo writing group joining me on A-to-Z this year: Madeline Wright from A Mad Vox and Annette Berger (who started a brand-new blog just for this challenge). I’m excited to see what they’ll post!