[A to Z] Week 3 Thoughts

20 Apr

I finally hit one of my letters that I had to write from scratch, and I finally used up Quidditch Through the Ages, a book I’d been keeping as my backup Q book for three years (backup because I actually own it so I don’t have to go out and get a copy, so I keep it for when I can’t find anything interesting when I go out to look for the hard letters to fill).

This means I’ll either have to change my theme next year or find another book that starts with Q (or just update my blog regularly and not participate in A to Z to force myself to update…).

Anyway, I’ve got pre-written reviews again for all of the letters for next week, but I don’t have any for the last three days of the month the following week, so I should probably get started on them… Nine more days to go!


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