[H] hello! hello! by Matthew Cordell

9 Apr

I picked up hello! hello! by Matthew Cordell to read for my family picture book assignment in my History of Youth Literature class, but I didn’t end up using it because I liked Chloe by Peter McCarty more.

hello! hello! is about a girl who encourages her family to take a break from technology and go outside. The story is told mostly in pictures, and there are only a few words in the whole book.

I loved the concept of Hello! Hello! from the start, but after I read Chloe, I thought it could have been done so much better. hello! hello! kind of hits you over the head with the message, while Chloe is more subtle. I understand why people who are constantly using technology (myself included) might need a more obvious lesson, but I prefer to get to know the characters a little better (more words, lol).

Still, it’s a simple story with a lesson that is definitely important for kids to learn in this day and age.

This post is my Blogging from A to Z entry for the letter H.


One Response to “[H] hello! hello! by Matthew Cordell”

  1. Susan Scott April 9, 2013 at 5:18 am #

    Nice one NIta thank you! Maybe the title could have been Helloooo? Hello – am just playing!
    I just posted on ‘HAIR” …

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