[A to Z] More books for 2013~

15 Feb

I just signed up to do the A to Z Challenge again this year. I decided that April will be the one month of the year when my blog will be updated regularly. Like how November is the only month of the year when I novel. I have been getting better about writing during the post-Nano season, though. I even host a monthly write-in for local writers (but I sometimes end up doing homework…).

Anyway, if you’re visiting from the A to Z Challenge, welcome! According to my stats, it looks like I’ve already got a few of you visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂

Like last year, I decided that I would do book titles for this year’s challenge, but unlike last year, I’m taking a class on the history of children’s literature, so I’m going to try to cover as many letters as I can using books that I’ve either read for class or are related to the class somehow.

I just read a bunch of picture books, which will be a nice addition to my blog, since my reviews so far have been mainly for books for older children (although I wasn’t thinking about the challenge when I read the books, so I got some duplicate letters). I’ve got about ten letters so far, and I’ve even managed to cover some of the harder letters already, like Q, U, and Y!

I’m also thinking of interspersing the book reviews with some quick 3-word prompts using the letter of the day if I can’t find a book in time. I do like the challenge of finding books to fit a certain criteria, though, and it has the added bonus of introducing me to great new books!

P.S.–Also, like last year, I will be following blogs through RSS feeds, so you might not be able to tell that I’m reading your blog, but I am!


2 Responses to “[A to Z] More books for 2013~”

  1. the curtain raiser March 1, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

    Hi Nita, just swinging by from the A to Z Challenge to say hello and wish you well for April. I also did the Challenge last year and whilst it was a lot of work it was very gratifying. Hope you find your books in time. Have also started following your blog so I will receive your Challenge posts ~ Judy (An A to Z Challenge Ambassador)

  2. Jemima Pett March 15, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    Hi Nita! I was checking out the people I’d met on last year’s A to Z Challenge, whom I have sadly neglected over the last 11 months. You’re the first I’ve seen who’s doing it again, like me! Good luck finding your books. I have a combination of my own short stories and pieces from my creative writing course, and book reviews. I know what you mean about finding time to write, but I find this spurs me on.
    Good luck!
    Jemima at Jemima’s blog

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