[3 words] tea/pen/teddy bear

3 Nov

Originally written Tuesday, October 2, 2012

“First, I’ll serve you tea, Mr. Bear, and then you have to serve me.” Angelica sat at the small table in her light blue tea dress that matched her eyes. Her golden curls floated around her head like a halo, but things were about to turn stormy.

She poured the tea into the small plastic teacups her mother had gotten her for her fifth birthday. Then, she sat back and waited.

“Mr. Bear, I am waiting for my tea,” she said, crossing her arms.

The stuffed bear sat across the table from her, holding her glare without flinching.

“Mr. Bear!” Angelica balled up her fists and screamed, pounding on the table and knocking over her tea things. A pen rolled off the table as tea and cake crumbs filled the air.

When no adult came, she calmed down and took stock of her situation. Tea had spilled down the front of her new dress, and some cake had gotten into her hair, making it look more like a fuzzy mat than a halo, but otherwise, she was unhurt.

Mr. Bear, on the other hand, had one arm hanging limply by his side, a casualty from his latest defiance of Lady Angelica.

“Oh, Mr. Bear,” said Angelica. “Why won’t you move for me anymore?”

Mr. Bear stared back at her, silent and still.

(222 words)

Nanowrimo Day 3 update: 10700 words! (3.4 days ahead)


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