Guadalupe Garcia McCall

3 Feb

Guadalupe Garcia McCall just got tons of recognition for Under the Mesquite, her novel about the Mexican American experience told through verse. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but something she said in an interview really struck me:

Being a teacher colors my writing in a way that I can’t deny. As a teacher, I feel an enormous responsibility to my students. I see my students as my most important audience members, and so I have to produce work that I can share with them, work that enriches their lives, work that mirrors their world and helps them find themselves in life.

I noticed a lot of the same sentiments as I was doing Nanowrimo last year, which encourages me to keep writing even through my busy schedule now. Now that I’m getting my MLIS, I have even more things to think about while writing. I don’t think I’ll ever find the “perfect” thing to write about, but all I can do is write what I have.

I would love to have a cover as beautiful as the one for Under the Mesquite someday, though:


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