My (Physical) Bookshelf

11 Jan

Ever since I saw Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” I have wanted a library like the one Belle gets in the Beast’s castle:

Beauty and the Beast Library

But until I have more money/space/books, I will just have to settle for this:

Right after buying the second of these bookcases, I heard a piece on NPR that lamented the “death of the book” and the redesigned BILLY bookcase.

The latest distress signal being sounded on the chat sites I share with my bookish friends is that IKEA is about to introduce an updated version of its classic BILLY bookcase — some 10 of which totter to overflowing in my own basement. Anticipating “the death of the book,” IKEA has redesigned the good old BILLY with deeper shelves and glass doors, thus transforming it from a bookcase into a tchotchke cabinet.

-Maureen Corrigan, ‘The Swerve’: Ideas That Rooted The Renaissance

This is why they didn’t have the beech anymore, and this is why I have two different colors. (I saw the add-on doors at IKEA when I saw the second one, and they didn’t even close properly. :mad:)


2 Responses to “My (Physical) Bookshelf”

  1. nightfleur January 12, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

    I loved the bookstore she starts in too, I have an ikea bookcases too in the light maple color, they discontinued the one I bought shortly after I got it. (I also have 3 large boxes full of books stacked on the floor)

    • nita January 12, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

      Oh yeah, the bookstore with the rolling ladder! ♥

      I’m slowing unearthing boxes books from when my mom put them in the garage and forgot about them, but I don’t have space for them anyway, so I haven’t been trying that hard. I just found another box the other day when I was looking for a pair of shoes, though…

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